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Diversity & Inclusion

Discussions about increasing collaboration and creating positive change through diversity and inclusion

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  • JohnRagsdale
    TSIA Blog: Evolving from a “Do No Harm” company to an “Anti-Racist” company
    Yesterday we published a blog with the results from our very first survey on DEI, as part of our Rapid Research Response (R3) polls. Here's a link: https://www.tsia.com/blog/evolving-from-a-do-no-har…
    JohnRagsdale 32 views 0 comments Started by JohnRagsdale
  • AllanGrohe
    Diversity-Enabling Metrics?
    This is the Q that I raised during Julian Guthrie's keynote at TSIA Interact: "Can you talk to metrics on how having a diverse, inclusive workforce helps to successfully innovate and to navig…
    Answered AllanGrohe 21 views 3 comments Most recent by LauraFay
  • LeeAnnLuck
    Diversity and Inclusion Training Offer
    We are in the process of re-evaluating our current Diversity and Inclusion training offer for all employees as well as the various leadership levels. What are some of your top recommendations or &quo…
    Answered ✓ LeeAnnLuck 62 views 5 comments Most recent by CarlosAlves
  • Mary Cay Kosten
    Non-Inclusive Language
    Dell, as well as many other technology companies, has accelerated its efforts to eradicate non-inclusive language in our content and our code. Is anyone else out there working on this that would lik…
    Answered Mary Cay Kosten 221 views 6 comments Most recent by LeeAnnLuck

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