RE: Customer Success offer - how do you manage service entitlements, at a site, enterprise, etc?

Paul Trapani
Paul Trapani Director, Customer Success and Services BusinessFounding Member | Scholar ✭✭

Working on several levels as we are monetizing our CSM offer, an Advanced level - and an Advanced Enterprise level. I'm interested in understanding how best to allocate the CSM engagements when multiple sites are engaged in an Enterprise level (global most likely) contract. Do I ask the customer to nominate a select number of sites for related services, or require those sites to engage in another packaged CSM level?


  • David Perrault
    David Perrault VP Product Support and Customer Care Founding Analyst | Expert ✭✭✭

    @Paula Morency can you please share a bit more details about the specifics of your situation?

    My experience has been that our proposal to customers was tailored to their needs, i.e. a single dedicated Global CSM or a Global CSM, supported by local CSMs if the customer has a very distributed user base. Priced accordingly. The operational model thought of the later is more challenging and requires good coordination across multiple timezones.

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