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How does your Education Services business model work with other Service lines?

Kim Metz
Kim Metz Member

The Education business is always a little different in that it can serve different audiences (internal, customers, hybrid). How is your Education business aligned to other Services (are you pure P&L, hybrid, cost recovery only, etc.) and how do you prioritize on what is more important?


  • AlyssaOrtiz
    AlyssaOrtiz Global Marketing Manager Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭

    Hello @Kim Metz! For Emerson, we train customers and our internal sales team. We focus on product and technology training. We work closely with business leaders and customers to identify those prime opportunities for enhanced training.

  • AlexanderZiegler
    AlexanderZiegler Program Director, Training & Skills Founding Member | Expert ✭✭✭

    I have worked in my career in companies with sizes between 100 - 400.000 employees, and I have seen internal and external technical training being usually together, but internal sales/personal enablement usually being separated from the technical/product training. In large companies I have even seen a split of University / Internal / Client / Partner training into separate organizations (removing any conflicts and makes sure everybody is perfectly served) - but it comes with a big challenge of courser materials and who-develops-what. In a XaaS world I heard a lot that development of course materials is getting more and more challenging as products / needs are changing much faster. And this is currently causing lots of thinking how you can share materials even if organizations are split, as you cannot cope otherwise.