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Don CarltonDon Carlton Services Business Analytics MgrFounding Analyst | Scholar ✭✭

With so many folks now working from home does anyone have knowledge of an employee productivity analytics tool? This is going to sound a bit big brother-e, but I have long thought that a analytics tool that would keep up with things like call time, emails sent, number of participants in those email responses, and the number of emails read along with the time where the desktop (during the work hours) that are idle along with other types of desktop activity might be a good team management tool (if managed properly). I am not an advocate of micro-management, but have seen various examples of these types of measures and did not know if a full suite exists. Thoughts?


  • Joe ThomasJoe Thomas Analytics Evangelist Founding Analyst | Scholar ✭✭

    hmmmm, interesting thought, you'd need to be connecting your device management software with your CRM and I'd bet a pretty terrifying amount of logfile data, but I know I've seen these types of analytics available from call center vendors.

    I can tell you at FinancialForce, we've seen developer productivity (# of bugs and bug resolution time lowering, code and feature "volume" increasing) improving since WFH was implemented in March. I can't speak to outbound/collaboration metrics.

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