In addition to Education Services offers going all virtual, what other actions are you taking?

Elise LostutterElise Lostutter Business Process Manager, Global Customer EducationFounding Member | Scholar ✭✭

As all in-person training delivery has halted, we've certainly shifted to virtual instructor-led classes and we're focusing on promoting our online University. What other actions are you taking at this time?

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  • Alyssa OrtizAlyssa Ortiz Global Marketing Manager | Scholar ✭✭
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    Like others, the big push to customers has shifted to online training options like our virtual classrooms and eCourses. We also created a resource section on our website that hosts free videos and recommended online courses categorized by top personas.


  • Tom MartinTom Martin Member | Enthusiast ✭

    We are researching the latest technologies in digital platforms to deliver virtual instructor-led classes to offer the "same or better" customer experience. I like the platform used for TSW. I believe it was On24. Has anyone done this research already, or recommend a modern platform for virtual training?

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