What are examples of specific ways COVID-19 has impacted your Services Organization?

Ravikumar MallelaRavikumar Mallela Sr. DirectorFounding Member | Scholar ✭✭
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Are you seeing little to no services impact, improved business opportunities, or negative impact?


  • Deby CoveyDeby Covey Sr Manager, Digical Certs & Compliance Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭

    Some clients reached out to us that they were shutting down - so alert monitoring and ticketing responses were suppressed as well as being tracked for whenever we are able to "re-open". Other clients asked for solutions (email-to-fax) in order to get their employees able to work from home. It has been a moving target so as processes were suppressed or started up, we started a daily summary executive report across all support teams globally, tracking all key metrics (ticketing, escalations, ops impacts, support tools impacts, staffing requirements, call volumes, etc)

  • Gayle LassenGayle Lassen Vice President Professional Services Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭

    Hi Ravikumar -

    We have seen a couple of different impacts. Some clients have put their engagements on hold as they focus on other immediate needs. Conversely, more clients have asked to accelerate their implementations as the new solutions we are putting in place support working remotely. To date, the clients asking to accelerate have outweighed the clients who need to pause their implementations.

  • Christine SeiChristine Sei VP Service Strategy Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭

    Good morning,

    We did a poll this week with our professional services team which delivers technical and clinical consulting services for our healthcare customers. Here are the interesting results:

    We have been able to successfully deliver services via digital platforms and we are really driving customers to e-Learning as much as we can. Our ability to get onsite varies by region. New projects are mostly on hold. WIP and rapid expansions of existing systems are still moving forward. Technical support tickets reflect this as well.

  • Daniel CoulletDaniel Coullet VP Support Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭

    For us, increase workload from a Support perspective with more escalations. What we are also trying to do because our Consulting, HR (hiring) team have less assignment is to leverage these team in Support, renewal so increase cross functional team work which has positive effects on people motivation.

  • Karen AllinderKaren Allinder Global, Customer Experience Practice Leader Founding Partner | Scholar ✭✭

    The two biggest request we have received from our clients has been:

    1. Help us deliver unwelcome news - a skill that most service providers struggles with
    2. Help us sell in a virtual environment.

    We've actually created some webinars and free training content on these two issues. If you are interested, please feel free to look here: https://www.millerheimangroup.com/resources/resource/

  • Eileen LooiEileen Looi Professional Services & Solutions Delivery Head (APAC) Member | Scholar ✭✭

    There are positive impacts where new opportunities in the areas of contact tracing and monitoring arise in response to the Covid-19 situation. Customers proactively reached out for help which is seen as an improved way to engage. We also reach out to our customers to ask for the areas where we can help and this approach has been very well received - definitely strengthen customer relationship in a very difficult time for all.

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