What tool do you use to forecast PS revenue?


I was wondering what tool do you use to forecast PS revenue in an agile way ?



  • Jerome Peck
    Jerome Peck Sr. Product Marketing Manager TSIA Administrator | admin

    @Gayle Lassen and @Eileen Looi Do you have any ideas for Elise?

  • Steven Forth
    Steven Forth Managing Partner Founding Partner | Expert ✭✭✭

    We frequently need to model the impact of a change in pricing on revenue and volume. This is different from your challenge but there may be some useful pointers.

    (i) Model the supply demand relationship and explore. We have our own tool for this.

    (ii) Create a set of scenarios we want to plan for.

    (iii) Run a Monte Carlo simulation for each scenario

    That gives a rich understanding, but usually too rich for the finance people so,

    (iv) Simplify the above range of possibilities into three numbers

    • Maximum
    • Mean (sometimes Median)
    • Minimum
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