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Robot Process Automation

KellyWilson Sr. Support Engineer & Team LeadMember


I am researching products that are currently being used by organizations to automate repetitive/remedial tasks to free up valuable time for support engineers.

Do TSIA community have a favorite?

How long did it take from implementation to release?

Is it scalable?

Appreciate your time.


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  • AnaHowes
    AnaHowes Global Head of Education Services Member | Enthusiast ✭
    Answer ✓

    Blue Prism - happy to connect you with someone from BP.


  • DougCaviness
    DougCaviness VP, B2B Strategy & Partnerships Member | Expert ✭✭✭
    edited February 2021

    Hi @kelly oliver@Kelly Wilson,

    I've been doing a fair amount of research on #RPA and am in the process of writing a blog post on the topic as it applies to front office sales and other activities to reduce repetitive manual efforts. So far I've found a number of different vendors and a lot of variation.

    Curious, where are you in your investigative process and have you already confirmed that the target activities are appropriate for RPA?

    I had an insightful conversation with Craig Le Clair of Forrester recently who authored what he calls the Rule of Five to help make that assessment: https://www.forrester.com/report/Use+The+Rule+Of+Five+To+Find+The+Right+RPA+Process/-/E-RES144074



  • KellyWilson
    KellyWilson Sr. Support Engineer & Team Lead Member

    Hello Doug,

    Thank you for the response and the link.

    We are at the beginning stages of research and are focusing on the organizations in Gartner Group's upper quadrants in this area including SAP's solution. The repetitive tasks involve qualitive incident reviews, resource calendars that are not linked, queue management, etc. From what I've read thus far about Kofax RPA solution it may fit some of our requirements, but I need to dive deeper.

    Appreciate any insights you may have.


  • JeromePeck
    JeromePeck SVP Product & Marketing TSIA Administrator | admin

    Good stuff here. @John Ragsdale —This is right up your alley. Any thoughts here?

  • JohnRagsdale
    JohnRagsdale Distinguished VP, Technology Research Member | Guru ✭✭✭✭✭

    I haven't included RPA in my tech stack surveys yet, so don't have a list of top installed solutions by B2B companies. But am definitely adding that this year, so will have some guidance later on. The challenge is that most RPA vendors have focused exclusively on the back office, and haven't made much traction in the front office. But that is changing. Please check out this report I just published about outsourcing trends, which includes 3 real world examples of RPA being used in tech support. I saw a demo of this and it was very impressive, and showed the promise of the technology for repetitive tasks: https://www.tsia.com/resources/2021-trends-in-outsourcing

  • DougCaviness
    DougCaviness VP, B2B Strategy & Partnerships Member | Expert ✭✭✭

    @John Ragsdale, I think including RPA (in by extension Machine Learning and AI) in your tech stack surveys would be great!

    @Kelly Wilson, a few months ago I had a very informative discussion with Nicolas Gruloos, Director, Sales Support, Kofax Software, [email protected], about some interesting implementations he's been involved in with clients. I think he would be a good contact to make for your research.

  • KellyWilson
    KellyWilson Sr. Support Engineer & Team Lead Member

    @Jerome Peck thanks for including John.

    @John Ragsdale I did find the whitepaper you linked on the site and do see some possible applications for PS. Reading further into it.

    @Doug Caviness thank you for the contact at Kofax.