Project Time Tracking and Employee Time Tracking

Hi All,

I've had previous experience using Dovico as a subscription based time tracking tool.

What other products out there have you used and what kind of feedback can you share about this products?

I'd appreciate any insights.




  • Edly Villanueva
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    edited April 10

    Hello Gavin,

    Great question and can’t wait to see what responses you receive from the TSIA Exchange community. To get started, I'm reaching out to @Eileen Looi @Gayle Lassen and @Katy Allen - HI! do you have any insights you can share with Gavin with his question?

    For additonal insights, I’ve also reached out to @John Ragsdale, Distinguished VP, Technology Research at TSIA. He suggested the following:

    To access the 2020 Professional Services Tech Stack data, following the link to complete the survey, and you will be sent the results within 24 hours. It will include the list of top installed PSA vendors. Time tracking is a very small part of professional services automation, but they do have a module for that.

    You can also go to the partner directory and select Professional Services as the practice, and you will see all our partners in this area:; Feel free to check out their product solutions.

    Best regards,


  • Gayle Lassen
    Gayle Lassen Vice President Professional Services Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭

    Hi Gavin -

    Are you solely looking for a time tracking tool or are your needs broader (e.g. project management, financial management, resource management)?

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Gayle, I was actually looking for reviews and feedback on Time Tracking tools in particular.

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