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Job Description for Global Support Business Operations Leader

Looking for Job description for

Director, Global Support Business Operations responsible for







Projects /PMO


I could write one up but hoping to leverage is somebody already has one to share



  • SpencerHancock
    SpencerHancock Senior Member Success Manager Moderator | mod

    Hello Monica,

    Welcome to the TSIA Exchange! Excellent question; creating clear job roles is a critical piece of building a strong organization. I think this community is going to be a great place to get some insights. @Steven Forth , @Daniel Coullet, @Mary Cay Kosten, @Alexander Mundorff; Any insights on writing a job description for a Director, Global Support Business Operations.

  • StevenForth
    StevenForth Managing Partner Founding Partner | Expert ✭✭✭

    I am doing this right now as well.

    The approach being taken is to break this up into a set of roles with no assumption that all the roles will be filled by one person. We want to have a more agile organizational approach.

    For each role, we identify the responsibilities and the skills.




    Maybe we could start by defining the roles.

  • Monica Mallick
    edited April 2021

    have done this role myself extensively very familiar with it

    was hoping to use one already there instead of writing it myself

    Please share the JD if you have one would be very helpful

  • CA212
    CA212 Member

    Does anyone have a job description for a service offer manager?