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Creating a platform to gather, build and consolidate best practices from multiple products

GhiaWalker Member
edited June 2021 in Customer Success

I am responsible for building out a platform and process for making project best practices openly available on the web.

Where it becomes more difficult is that this platform would accommodate multiple products that came from acquired companies (different teams, infrastructure, budget, processes, and so forth).

My questions:

1) Are there studies that prove knowledge consolidation from multiple products/orgs improve the customer experience? I read this post and it was helpful, but I'm searching for data that will encourage the unification of content. Or perhaps data that proves a uniform experience makes for a better experience and increases adoption.

2) If you've done a similar effort, what tools and strategies were useful in making your solution successful?


  • Maddie Provost
    Maddie Provost Membership Development Specialist Moderator | mod

    Hi Ghia,

    Thank you for your question. We have a webinar entitled "Knowledge Management Best Practices for a Successful Customer Support Experience", that I think will be helpful for you.

    @Ray McLean , @Alexander Mundorff and @Sumit Bhat do any of you have experience with this? If so, please share any feedback you have with Ghia!

  • SumitBhat
    SumitBhat Senior Director, Technical Support Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭

    @GhiaWalker @Maddie Provost thanks for tagging me on this post.

    In my experience knowledge consolidation is a must have for any organization it not only helps in scaling but I have seen it greatly enhancing customer experience . In our organization we also have had multiple acquisitions and it becomes even more important as you add products through mergers and acquisitions. The list of benefits is long; but my top 5 reasons which help to justify the overall ROI on this front.

    a) For any process consolidation , knowledge consolidation is the first step towards a unified customer experience.

    b) Training /onboarding , cross training employees becomes much easier.

    c) Cross selling/Upselling is easier in the existing accounts , helps in keeping your customer acquisition costs in check.

    d) It is much easier to invest in self serve capabilities if you follow similar standards for knowledge content across your product lines

    e) Reporting and metrics are more accurate if you have similar knowledge standards across the org . Helping in future data driven investments/decisions.

    Some of the metrics which we keep a tab on in a product support context is overall resolution times( Incident/case), link rate (for KCS), Publish rate(KCS), Case/incident deflection , no. of views etc.

    Hope these insights are helpful



  • DougCaviness
    DougCaviness VP, B2B Strategy & Partnerships Member | Expert ✭✭✭

    Helpful response @SumitBhat, thanks!

  • Thank you @Maddie Provost and @SumitBhat! I'm going to digest this and may come back with questions. Hope that's ok.