What Resource and Workforce Management Challenges are you Facing?

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How has your resource and workforce management been impacted by the global crisis?


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    Hi Randy,

    You may find some insight into this question from Thomas Lah's, "Navigating Hazy Horizon". 

    Here a brief overview of what will be discussed:

    Leadership teams are defined by their response in a crisis. Right now, leadership teams are navigating one of the greatest crises to face the modern world. There are two common responses when a crisis hits:

    1. Focus all of your resources on the urgent issues.
    2. Put everything else on hold.  

    The history of business informs us that this is not the winning approach. 

    This paper was written to help leadership teams at technology companies navigate three distinct strategy conversations:

    • How to respond to the urgent issues being created by the global pandemic.
    • How to reprioritize initiatives for this coming year.
    • How to set up for success post-crisis.

    @John Ragsdale Randy presented the question above. Do you have any further insight that would be helpful for him? Thank you for the additional resources and insights, in advance!

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