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Is anyone open to talking about how you manage your Support organization?

I work for a SaaS company with roughly 60 Support Consultants servicing both B2B and B2C clients, and we're constantly looking for ways to scale the business, streamline processes, deflect cases (provide self-service), and find tools that could be beneficial. I would love to talk with other Support leaders to discuss your support models (how do you structure your teams), tools you're using, KPIs you're tracking, lessons learned, etc., to see where we have room for improvement and possibly get some new ideas we could implement. Would anyone be open to scheduling a 30-minute chat? Thank you!


  • PatrickMartin
    PatrickMartin Senior Director, Technical Support Founding Analyst | Expert ✭✭✭

    Hello Erika! I just sent you a private message to connect on this. Looking forward to discussing this with you.

  • Jim Fuller
    Jim Fuller Member
    edited February 28

    HIi Erika,

    Happy to chat, I have been leading Support teams for many years.