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Reducing Customer Friction Between Time of Sale and Cloud Software First Use

Neal Hatton
Neal Hatton VP, Customer Success, Technical Support - Global AccountsMember | Enthusiast ✭

When customers purchase Cloud/SaaS software, post-sale there is work to setup, configure, administer access, etc. This area can be a source of customer experience friction if things don't go smoothly here or take too long to complete. Depending on the software, some customers may have dozens of users to get set up, and the users may also be 3rd party company employees who are doing work on behalf of the customer.

At your company, are you seeing this Sale-to-Setup workflow as an area that is generating issues or customer experience friction?

Did you have any learnings that you can share with the Community about how you were able to make the process smooth and/or ensure the setup of customers happens quickly & accurately?


  • EdlyVillanueva
    EdlyVillanueva Principal Member Success Manager Moderator | mod

    Hello @Neal Hatton, great questions for the TSIA Exchange community. To get started, let me pull in the following for their insights and thoughts to your questions. Hi @Ashok Gunasekaran @ToddRegonini @Daniel Coullet @SorenMarklund @Alexander Mundorff @JosephReifel any learnings you can share with Neal on this topic?

    Thank you!

  • @Neal Hatton this was a common problem in the context of provisioning the right software, cloud Orgs, license keys etc as part of order fulfillment. The bigger problem is these requests were being tossed around multiple functions like provisioning & activation team, sales, sales ops, CS and support causing a lot of internal friction as well on top of the fragmented customer experience.

    We took an approach to automate the repeatable processes (between product and enterprise systems like Salesforce). Also key improvement was to get sales to systematically fill all the customer specific information like orgs to be provisioned, sandbox org, preferred ecosystem etc and submit it as part of opportunity closure process. this triggered an integration with product APIs to get fulfillment completed and welcome email triggered as well. this solved 80% of the problem and remaining 20% goes thru exception flow (like orgs already used as trial, multiple contracts associated, non existence of preferred PODs etc) handled by the provisioning team.