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Career Development for Partner Success Leadership Role

MatthewTrutch Customer Success ManagerMember | Enthusiast ✭

I'm working on my career development plan and trying to identify skill gaps I need to address. I've been searching Linkedin, Glassdoor and job search sites for examples of Partner Success Director, Lead, Manager, etc., but I haven't found a good example. I think the generic nature of the job title is causing a lot of noise in the results.

Has anyone found a good example of a lead role or person for Partner Success that they could share?


  • CarlosAlves
    CarlosAlves Sr. Product Manager TSIA Administrator, Moderator, Founding Member | admin

    Hi Matthew, yes the job title may be broad and vary across different organizations.

    This blog entry and its linked "State of" paper may give you some initial directions. Other peers may also jump into this discussion and assist with their experience.

    @JaredRaftery , @DarleneKelly , @Matt Giarratano any thoughts?

  • MatthewTrutch
    MatthewTrutch Customer Success Manager Member | Enthusiast ✭

    Thanks @CarlosAlves for sharing that blog post. I'm glad to say much of what is covered there I've either put in place or actively working on.

    It would be great to hear from the others you tagged on what additional skills are required for a Partner Success Leader.