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Loyalty/Rewards Programs in B2B

Have you implemented a loyalty or rewards program in a B2B technology company? If so, are there any best practices you can share?

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  • BriannaRuddle
    BriannaRuddle Moderator | mod

    Hi Ben,  This is a great question. @John Ragsdale, Can you give any insight to Ben on implementing a loyalty or rewards program in a B2B technology company and any best practices?

    Here is a conference presentation that may help answer some of your question. Presented by Sharon Nyugen at ServiceNow, "Customer Satisfaction Programs: Creating Accountability and Incentives | TSIA".

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi Brianna. Thanks for the referral and the link. The presentation was interesting, but it doesn't cover what I'm looking for. I had a call with Sara Johnson, and she validated there really isn't much TSIA research in this area. She did give us some good insight though and she suggested asking the forum.

  • Hi Nick,

    Thank you for the thorough and thoughtful insight here! This is definitely helpful. I'm going to connect with you via LinkedIn for a few follow-up questions.