What has been the biggest COVID driven change in the way you do sales?

Meldon MoraisMeldon Morais Marketing Strategist & VP Strategic PartnershipsMember

How has COVID impacted new business generation and led to a change in the modus operandi or process of your sales?

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  • Meldon MoraisMeldon Morais Marketing Strategist & VP Strategic Partnerships Member
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    Hey Steven,

    Agree, virtual meetings is a major adapt, companies, including mine, have made to connect with the customers.

    So will it be this way in the future, leaving the physical meet and greet ways behind?

    Asumming this will also lead to a drop in the sales and marketing costs, especially the ones related to travel, will it prove to be more cost effective in the long run?


  • Meldon MoraisMeldon Morais Marketing Strategist & VP Strategic Partnerships Member

    Also Steven, regarding your point about data over social interactions, I believe it is the convergence of the two that will help businesses better understand their customer. And I am saying this because I am seeing this happen where brands are using my software for mining social conversations and deriving actionable insights (for on ground efforts, in some cases).

  • Steven ForthSteven Forth Managing Partner Founding Partner | Expert ✭✭✭

    @Meldon Morais In our case we have not actually reduced marketing investments, but have rather redirected them to content creation and social media interaction. If one was cynical one could say that this is an example, but I get a lot out of interacting with people in this sort of forum.

    I am not sure what the long term impact would be. I would model this using a scenario planning approach if it was critical to my business. My gut feeling is that in person meetings will return but not to the level of the past and in most cases a virtual meeting will be seen as a reasonable aternative.

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