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Virtual New Hire Training in a Remote World

EddieAguilar Senior MSC and Gainsight SpecialistModerator | mod
edited November 2020 in Culture & Well-being

With the uncertainty of when/if/how we will return to the office. How do you find yourself leveraging existing tools or new tools to properly train and integrate new hires?

We are really honing in our curriculum with some vital learn and test virtual delivery methods that actually would have helped even in the office environment but, I would like to open up a discussion about lessons learned so far and emerging best practices.

A big pain point we are trying to overcome is building team relationships and integrating new hires in to the culture. The majority of the team used to be in the office, which helped build those "ping me anytime" relationships. Missing those water cooler and spin your chair around moments, how have you begun to fill those gaps virtually?

Thanks in advance for any contributions :)


  • LexiProvost
    LexiProvost Member Success Coordinator Moderator | mod

    Hi @Eddie Aguilar, thank you for your question. We do have a couple recently published papers that could be really valuable as you continue to navigate virtual employee training. One is our paper Remote Employee Wellness by our EVP Thomas Lah. The other is The State of Knowledge Management 2020, but our VP of Technology Research, John Ragsdale.

    @Gavin O'Leary or @Gerry Nolan, any input on employee training in a virtual environment?

  • AlexanderZiegler
    AlexanderZiegler Program Director, Training & Skills Founding Member | Expert ✭✭✭

    A small idea from my view: I have seen one great idea and this was virtual meetings where people started to speak about things in their career that completely failed. I have seen this with high level Executives, medium and 1st line management, and it had a great success: people understood that there are others in the company who fail, who learn, and that all of this is natural.

  • PatrickMartin
    PatrickMartin Senior Director, Technical Support Founding Analyst | Scholar ✭✭

    Hi @Eddie Aguilar . We share some of the same challenges on our end as well. Onboarding remote employees and incorporate them in the team culture is definitely an area that we are focusing on. Our training and onboarding process is pretty much self-paced, to which we assign a mentor and target timelines to have completed the various steps in the onboarding process. This did not really change as we switched to remote. For the team integration part, we hold daily SCRUM meetings to ensure that everyone gets to know each other and help others when needed. We also have various social events throughout the week, to which we strongly encourage everyone to participate (happy hours, noon online gaming, etc.). However, we have seen participation drop as our remote time extends. We have just launched a new "Get to know..." initiative to help boost morale, team collaboration and integration of our newer members. This initiative consists of asking 20 some questions to each team member on various topics (last book read, hidden talent, favorite quote, etc.). We then use this information to build daily questionnaires (1 theme/question per week) and people need to guess who it is. We keep a leaderboard and such so that we add a little more fun and interaction as we are all remote. This has been very welcomed by the team members and we see high participation rates.

    I understand that this is not quite "work related", but I believe that it contributes to integrate our new employees in our team culture, allowing them to know their colleagues on various fronts, as well as share information about themselves.

    I hope this helps and triggers some ideas for you. Let me know if you would like to discuss further.

  • SumitBhat
    SumitBhat Senior Director, Technical Support Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭

    Hi @Eddie Aguilar

    Besides our self paced trainings we are putting a lot of emphasis on virtual meetings , more interactions with the wider teams besides the designated mentors. We also have coach roles in our organization and we define their success on how well they have been able to integrate the new members in the team and its really a game changer when you push and recognize your senior members who go the extra mile to create and foster; as your rightly said "ping me anytime" relationships.