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What is the official industry definition for Tiered Support Structure?

GoncaloPereira Member | Enthusiast ✭


can any of you point me out if there's any official industry for TIER 1 ; TIER 2 ; TIER 3 in the context of Telco?

Although i have found several correct definitions scattered over dozens of pages, i was wondering if there an official telecom industry definition.

Thanks for helping.


  • PatrickCarmitchel
    PatrickCarmitchel VP Product Management TSIA Administrator | admin

    Hi @Goncalo Pereira, thanks for reaching out on this topic. @Sara Johnson are you able to provide your perspective on defining tired support?

  • SaraJohnson
    SaraJohnson Director of Research for Support Services Member | Guru ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Goncalo Pereira, I have attached a document that we use and contains standard definitions of different tiers commonly found in a tiered support model. I hope this helps.

  • GoncaloPereira
    GoncaloPereira Member | Enthusiast ✭

    @Sara Johnson Thank you so much for your answer.

    Maybe my question was not clear enough (or maybe this is the wrong forum to ask, for which i apologize in advance) but i was looking for something different,

    If we do a search on what are TIER 1, TIER 2, TIER 3 and TIER 4 telecom operators we can see mainly the definitions are all more or less; "A Tier 1 telecom operator owns a telecom network in which it is the top level operator. It hosts its own numbers and delivers voice and data services. Tier 2, 3 and 4 operators operate their own numbering systems, and they may own some amount of network, but generally they purchase access to higher tier networks to deliver services."

    I was wondering if there is any organization/standard where these are defined as industry standard.

    Thanks in advance.


  • SaraJohnson
    SaraJohnson Director of Research for Support Services Member | Guru ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Goncalo Pereira Thank you for the additional information and yes, that clarifies your ask.

    @Patrick Carmitchel, any telco community members you are aware of?

  • LexiProvost
    LexiProvost Member Success Coordinator Moderator | mod

    Hi @Sara Johnson, @Patrick Carmitchel and @Goncalo Pereira, Let's see if we can get some answers here.

    @David Harbert and @Brian Rudy, do you have any insight you can give on Tiered Support Structure for telecom companies? If you don't directly heave the answer, please feel free to invite your colleagues to join this discussion.

    Thanks in advance!