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DevinCarrier · VP, Customer Support · | Scholar ✭✭


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Change Healthcare
Devin is an executive leader and information technology professional with over 20 years of experience. He maintains an extensive track record of building winning teams, driving customer outcomes and achieving organizational goals. Devin has led teams catering to the healthcare industry, municipal and federal governments, as well as commercial and non-profit organizations, affording him broad perspectives on information technology delivery and support. He has managed consulting engagements, deployment of turn-key software systems, and successful provision of 'as-a-service', cloud-based solutions. He has also personally delivered tangible outcomes to over 200 commercial and government customers. Through strategic leadership, team development, and a passion for achievement of customer outcomes, Devin has consistently achieved measurable results in his leadership roles. While supporting Change Healthcare's Customer Operations team, Devin:  Inspired team members to consistently achieve greater than 90% customer satisfaction averages year over year  Empowered managers to design and deploy new, cost effective, subscription-friendly services enabling a 30% improvement in efficiency  Collaborated with cross functional stakeholders to create a sustainable means of identifying, tracking, and booking customer solution upgrades, contributing to $15M+ in bookings and the reduction of install base risk  Supported managers and cross functional stakeholders in the deployment of improved revenue forecasting practices, resulting in <3% variance to forecast, quarter over quarter  Led teams in the deployment of material process improvements leading to a CMMI SVC/2 designation, increased project consistency, and greater regulatory compliance. Today, Devin is passionate about evolving services organizations from conventional, 'build > sell > implement > support' models to true 'outcome-as-a-service' models. He believes that strongly aligned, measurable partnerships are essential to organic business growth, and enjoys leveraging his experience to ensure successful transitions.


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