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Feedback Culture

DarrylBenjamin Senior DirectorFounding Member | Scholar ✭✭

Good Day All, I hope everyone is well. Lately, I am hearing a lot of chatter regarding the topic of a "Feedback Culture". I am curious to know if your organization employs the historic annual/semi-annual employee performance feedback (performance to goal) or is your organization using a more frequent, informal, "on the fly" feedback process. I would appreciate to understand what is currently is use (and is if successful) in your organization. Much Appreciated.

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  • StevenForth
    StevenForth Managing Partner Founding Partner | Expert ✭✭✭

    I am not sure that performance reviews are the way to think about feedback. There are many problems with performance reviews. (i) They are removed from the context of doing work. (ii) They seldom have much to do with performance or the skills and behaviors that drive performance. (iii) Most people view them with trepidation and dread, from both sides of the desk.

    I would take a step back here and ask what you are trying to achieve here. A number of things come to mind.

    • Understand the performance, not of the person, but of the business results they are accountable for
    • Help people acquire the skills and adopt the behaviors that drive performance
    • How can people be combined in more effective teams

    Feedback is an important concept, but it needs to be feedback about impact on the business.

  • SumitBhat
    SumitBhat Senior Director, Technical Support Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭

    @Darryl Benjamin not sure if this information helps, we are moving towards a more frequent quarterly OKR format of feedback , this helps to review and set goals on a quarterly basis , this is the first year we have implemented this so the assessment regarding effectiveness of this format is to be seen. Hopefully in the next few months we would have enough feedback.

  • StevenForth
    StevenForth Managing Partner Founding Partner | Expert ✭✭✭

    One way I think about this is that it takes three data points to establish a trend. Then it probably takes another three to see if corrective steps are working. In today's world I think that means weekly (six weeks to correction) or at most monthly (six months) are needed for people and the organization to be agile and responsive to (i) their people, (ii) their customers and (iii) to environmental change. Given the current instability I think an investment in weekly interactions is the best practice.

  • DarrylBenjamin
    DarrylBenjamin Senior Director Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭

    Hi Sumit, thanks for your input regarding implemented quarterly OKR format in your organization/company. Would be curious in 6 months how the program is going and are you achieving the desired results for the business and your employees! Thanks again! Darryl

  • DarrylBenjamin
    DarrylBenjamin Senior Director Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭

    Hi Steven, you make a great point about differentiating Performance Appraisals/Reviews and Frequent Feedback. You have me sitting in my chair and thinking about the differences in Performance Appraisals(formal performance to goal) frequency annual/semi/qtly vs. a feedback culture(performance, development, teaming) which can be weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/real time. I will take the feedback and work it internally...Thank you!