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as part of our focus on customer experience, surveys play a very important role.

One question that always comes up is the frequency of the surveys.

From your experience what would be considered the optimal frequency to survey specific individuals inside a customer organization?

This goal is to target specific individuals who, for example, were part of a delivery project and we want to follow up.

Any insights?

thanks in advance for the excellent support as always.


  • Eddie Aguilar
    Eddie Aguilar Senior MSC and Gainsight Specialist Moderator | mod

    Hi Goncalo,

    Super question! I think frequency is absolutely key to ask when talking about surveys. Timing and delivery are also very key when considering the overall survey engagement. In previous companies that I have been at and have had a more robust survey structure frequency was directly correlated to the actual number of interactions that would qualify for that specific touchpoint.

    A great example would be after certain interactions we would randomly send a survey to customers to get feedback. Those interactions happened a lot so we were able to really get a good wide data set without overwhelming our customers. If the overall qualifying number is lower I think it should be fine to send to most if not all. Finding the timing is key because you want the interaction to be fresh and at the same time give the customer time to digest it. Lastly, who the survey comes from is important when taking in to account what the customer will be willing to share. Many leaders agree that a followup requesting feedback coming from a person not involved in the interaction is more likely to have deeper insights. I also know some companies contract out for those requests to get the best quality of feedback.

    I would love to hear if other contributors to this community would have insights in to this topic. @Kelsey Hunsinger does your CS org track NPS? @Joseph Reifel from a product perspective would you have any insights? I know product is always capturing great customer feedback.

  • Hello @Eddie Aguilar ,

    Thank you so much for your answer. I agree with your statements. We want to conduct surveys for project deliveries and support, targeting specific individuals.

    The tricky part is to find a balance and not overwhelm the users with requests as experience tells me this will result in ignoring future surveys.

    But we do want to have the ability to measure the pulse on delivery projects (which typically take between 6 months to 1 year) to be able, based on the feedback, to implement immediate actions and also to understand if he quality of the support we provide is aligned with customer expectations.

    This is why i am asking for some guidance from this community of experts and specialists. 😃

    Thank you!

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