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Could you please recommend any certification program for Customer Success Manager ?

dmordiva Customer Success ManagerMember

Hi everybody,

My name is Didier, I'm a part of the Customer Success Manager Team at Wind River, we are seeking this kind of certification program to get industry recognition beyond our internal badge management system.

Best Answer

  • DeniseStokowski
    DeniseStokowski Group VP Platform Products Founding Member | Scholar ✭✭
    Answer ✓

    Here are a couple of options:

    Successcoaching https://successcoaching.co/ also offers CSM certifications and trainings. The founders there have been in the industry since the early days so offer a really robust and informed training and certs for CSMs.

    Gainsight has a set up on demand trainings and certifications for CSMs. Note this training is about the work of Customer Success Managers and not about our software or product.

    Gainsight also offers in person training during our annual Pulse conference - look into Pulse Academy for some of the live training for CSMs and CS Leaders during the conference. And overall the conference offers a lot for CS professionals. https://gainsightpulse.com/gs-pulse-academy/


  • LeandroDemari
    LeandroDemari WW Customer Success Practice Leader Member

    Hello Didier

    I second SuccessCoaching / SuccessHacker. I've partnered with them for training and certifications for my teams in HP on a combination of tailored workshops and on-demand certification path.

    Aaron and Andrew (founders) are great to work with and know their industry very well.